We’re At War With Ourselves

We are divided, and it’s not Donald Trump’s fault.

With so many conflicting political (and non-political) views and opinions surrounding this year’s election, the question must be asked; should it matter?

I don’t love Trump. I don’t love Hillary. But I love America, and I love people. The election has brought out the worst of the citizens of our nation, and the only one to fault is ourselves.

When we face another human being we should not be concerned with who they voted for. With so many varying political opinions on each and every issue, it is nearly impossible to find someone who agrees with 100% of the views you do. This sparks hate in relationships.

Kanye West wrote his hit single “Jesus Walks” in 2004, but it feels as if he crafted it in preparation for this year’s election.

“We’re at war. We’re at war with terrorism, racism. But most of all, we’re at war with ourselves.”

In a country so overtaken by social issues and outbreaks, our country is experiencing a divide larger than I have seen in my seventeen years as a citizen of the States. But we must come to grips with the idea that only we are responsible for this. Therefore only we can fix this.

We may not love Trump. But rather than accusing him of tearing our nation apart, we must look at each other, and grasp that the only people responsible for this divide is ourselves.


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