Mason Soccer Teams Have Similar Success

Opposites attract.
With Mason High School’s girl’s soccer team being led by a group of young superstars, and the boy’s squad relying on a group of seasoned veterans, the varsity soccer teams this year could be classified as polar opposites. However, there is one action that the two teams do have in common — winning games.
With both the boy’s and girl’s soccer teams being ranked among the top 10 in the state by, the two groups have high hopes for the season.
Coming off of a tie against St. Ignatius High School, a team ranked fourth in the country as of September 13th according to Top Drawer, the boy’s varsity team is climbing higher in the rankings as well. Led by a large group of seniors, veteran leadership and experience is vital for the success of the Comets this season.
Junior goalkeeper Danny Mackzum said that having a large amount of seniors on the team helps contribute to strong leadership and respect for one another.
“With the varsity team having so many seniors and veteran players, it really helps,” Mackzum said. “So far we have been successful in our season and I think it’s obvious to say that all of the senior players have been a big part of our success. Our leadership has been great so far because the seniors have made everyone feel welcome which makes us closer as a team.”
A completely different story can be told about the girl’s team as they take pride in their young talent and enthusiasm for the sport. Riding on an undefeated record so far this season, sophomore Annie Metzger said her team sees their age as an advantage, rather than a lack of experience.
“Having a young team, everybody is so new, so they’re all really excited for every game,” Metzger said. “It’s our first year (on varsity for a lot of us), so it brings more energy to the game when we play. Last year, everybody was so excited for tournament time, but this year everyone was just as excited for our scrimmages.”
Despite their opposing styles of play, one thing that the Mason soccer teams pride themselves on is the overwhelming amount of support they express for each other. According to girl’s head coach Andrew Schur, the boy’s and girl’s teams are each very involved with each other and are always wishing the best for their counterpart.
“I think there is a good dynamic of support,” Schur said. “I think that the kids on each team respect the accomplishments of the opposite gender. It’s hard for them to support each other by physically being at games some nights because conference games are played on the same night… but come tournament time, when the games are on different nights, they’re there cheering as hard as anyone else for the other group. I think it makes a huge difference.”


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