Why #KanyeForPresident Will Lead Us to a Stronger America

When a hashtag is trending on twitter, it can usually mean two things:

1. Something very serious is going on in our country, and people all around America are attempting to let the world know what they think about it.

2. Something hilarious just happened, and everyone wants to be a part of it.

This one probably falls closer to the second.

So while everyone was probably joking about making a famous rapper the leader of our country; there is one trend that the public can’t help but notice within today’s political society — unordinary candidates are starting to run for government positions.

Whether it be a famous rapper, a reality TV phenomenon, or Deez Nuts (seriously, look it up), the presidential race is not looking quite as traditional as it used to. In a world becoming more and more heavily influenced by pop culture, even serious topics — such as the race for presidency, are slowly evolving into a big joke.

So while a mature adult may think that this is a sign of a new generation of ignorant, immature citizens set to send our country to a political hell, I am taking a different perspective on the situation. According to census.gov, voters from the ages of 18-29 have never cracked higher than 20% of the total votes for presidency. Maybe some flash and comedy is what our country needs to finally get these young adults interested in the polls. With a majority of Kanye’s audience falling under the age of thirty, these people could be swayed to finally put their name on a ballot and visit the booths to vote their choice for President.

More voters to the polls means a presidential candidate will be chosen who better represents our nation’s entire population, rather than just the middle-aged voters who are most-commonly found electing our next leader. And while many new voters may be voting for the “Kanye” of any given year, the odds of any celebrity following in the footsteps of him will actually be elected as president are slim to none. There will still be a higher amount of votes put towards other candidates, provided by curious citizens who came into the voting world for some late-night entertainment, but came out as strong supporters of a presidential candidate.

So while Kanye West may or may not have been joking when announcing his run for presidency at the VMAs, I am being serious when saying that #KanyeForPresident may not be such a bad thing after all.


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