We Want Varsity

Rec basketball is a beautiful thing. Whether you’re taking it seriously; perhaps working to make the school team next year, or simply looking to play some pickup basketball games messing around with your friends, the recreational sport is a fun experience for everybody.

While some teams seem like they didn’t know what the sport of basketball was until they stepped on the court for their first game, others play the complete opposite role. The Tune Squad is a rec basketball team built up of sophomores at Mason High School, and when they show up to a game, they come ready to ball. From draining threes to breaking ankles, this team is no joke.

Clocking in with a record of 8-1, the Tune Squad took home a division title last week with a win against Team Miller; 40-33. When asked about their only loss of the season, star shooting guard Caleb Davis claimed that they “won by about negative 20… we never lose”.

After spending a game watching the Tune Squad just inches away from their bench, there is no secret to why this team see so much success season after season. While most other teams are relaxing and taking water breaks during timeouts, the Tune Squad is drawing up plays, and discussing the strengths of weaknesses of their opponent. Rec basketball isn’t just a lighthearted game to this team, it’s the real deal.

While these players may not be drawing in offers from D-1 colleges or being placed on ESPN’s Top 100 list, basketball is something that these athletes take pride in. From the first whistle to the sound of the final buzzer, the Tune Squad plays their heart out, and leaves it all on the court.


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