Believe The Hype

Luke Kennard is insane.

“This guy is the next LeBron!” Everyone claimed, “I’ve never seen a high schooler with this much talent!”

“Pish-posh,” I thought. “Probably just some tall guy with a decent shot.”

Never have I been so wrong.

When I walked into UD Arena on Saturday night, I didn’t know what to expect. I was finally going to watch Luke Kennard, the high school basketball prodigy who I’ve heard so much about over the past few months. I got my ticket, walked into the arena, and found some pretty good seats opposite Monroe’s bench, who Kennard and his hometown team Franklin would be facing that night.

From the tip-off to the final buzzer, it was the Luke Kennard show the entire night. By the end of the game, Kennard had put up over 30 points; almost half what his team scored as a whole, and walked off the court like it was nothing. After all, it basically was “nothing” compared to some of his other performances, including a 59-point outing against the very team he played in that arena, earlier this season.

Luke Kennard Dunk

But don’t let the numbers fool you. Luke Kennard is not just an elite scorer; he can do it all. From dishing off sweet assists to grabbing seemingly every rebound he could get his hands on, Kennard was a freak show in every aspect of the game from start to finish.

After an insane senior season in which he broke an Ohio high school scoring milestone held by 4-time NBA MVP LeBron James, maybe it’s time for people to start believing the hype around Luke Kennard.


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